Upcoming Shredding Events

Thanks for attending our 2018 shredding events! Throughout Alberta, we helped out 9,718 vehicles, shredded 23,788 boxes equal to 229 tonnes, raised $46,690 for the local food banks plus an additional 21,674 lbs of food!

Can’t wait to see our members again at the shredding events in 2019! Check back here in the spring for future dates.


What you can shred

Members can shred up to six boxes of personal documents and items, including:

  • Credit card slips, cancelled cheques, and bank receipts.
  • Banking and investment statements, bills, non-solicited credit card applications.
  • CD-ROMs/CD-Rs/DVDs, diskettes.
  • To shred or not to shred, that is the question
    Learn more on what to shred and what to keep.
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    What can’t be shredded

  • Batteries of any kind (these can cause fires in our trucks). Also, no lighters or matches.
  • Heavy cardboard, metal, glass, or plastic.
  • Pennies/coins.
  • Electronics, computer hard drives, or toys.
  • Preparing for Shredding

    • Make sure we can shred it –Small staples and regular paper clips are fine, but please remove large plastic clips or coils.
    • Make sure you can carry it – Bring all documents in sturdy, easily transportable boxes.
    • Make sure you should shred it – Some documents you need to shred regularly, some annually, and some should never be destroyed.


    The threat of identity theft affects the lives of many Albertans. Learn the facts and proactive tips to protect your identity.

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    Shredding Events

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    Supporting Our Communities 

    Thanks to our members, we’ve also raised over $262,000 and collected over 118,440 lbs of food for local food banks. A big thanks to our partner Shred-It who make these events possible.


    AMA also offers Secure Document Disposal envelopes at all AMA centres with special pricing for AMA members.

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