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Renter & Condo Insurance

We Work Hard To Protect The Stuff You Love. It takes less than 3 minutes to get a Condo or Renters quote. You can sign up over the phone without filling out any complicated paperwork. It's a hassle-free way to protect all the stuff you've worked so hard for, like your beautiful RW&CO. wardrobe!

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Do You Own a House?

Homeowner's Insurance offers the same type of protection as Renters and Condo Insurance, but with the extra added bonus of protecting the exterior of your home and even your landscaping!
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Is Renter and Condo Insurance Actually Important?

Think of everything you have at home. Now, imagine having to replace it all, out of pocket. How much do you think it would cost? A zillion dollars, right? Okay…not that much, but probably a lot more than you’d think. A heck of a lot more than the $23 a month Renter and Condo Insurance costs.

Chances are, you own a phone, laptop, tablet, TV, and lots of great clothing. That’s already thousands of dollars worth of stuff, and we haven’t added in your furniture, bike, dishes, towels and other household items yet!

If you’re still thinking your landlord or condo board’s insurance policy has you covered for any losses, you might be surprised to learn what isn’t covered by them (hint: your personal belonging aren’t covered). That’s a chance not worth taking—and one reason why having your own Renter or Condo insurance is so important. For only $23 a month, you can’t afford not to have insurance.

But What If I Don't Care About My Stuff?

If you are a Kijiji Queen or a Hand-me-down King, you might not think property insurance is important for you.

But if you accidentally damage someone else's property, you could be on the hook for that. So, if you leave that bathroom tap running or forget to blow out a candle and it ends up damaging your neighbour's property you'd likely have to pay for it.

Lucky for you, Renters and Condo insurance includes Liability coverage, which means you can be covered for causing up to $2 million dollars in damages. Insurance doesn't just cover your stuff - it covers your butt!

You can save on your insurance by bundling your property and auto insurance.

Property insurance covers your stuff even when it’s not at home, like in your car or gym locker.

AMA Property Insurance also provides free Identity Theft coverage.

Your landlord’s or condo board's insurance won’t cover you personal items. Insurance does.

Property (Renters/Condo) insurance includes liability coverage for if you damage something that’s not yours.

Property insurance covers living expenses, like a hotel bill if you are forced to evacuate.


More Info on Renters and Condo Insurance

Are you one of those curious types? If so, here is even more info on Renters and Condo Insurance. You can also contact us and we'd be happy to answer any questions.

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