AMA Road Reporter

Your Personal Traffic Reporter

You have better things to do with your time than spend it in traffic. AMA’s Road Reporter app lets you stay on top of your commute. This traffic and driving-condition reporting tool notifies you about your route before you leave home and provides informative, real-time audio updates as you drive.




Heads Up

Imagine knowing what’s happening on your route before you start driving? Get alerts about potential delays, or save routes and get updates every day before you leave. If there’s an issue, Route Finder maps out up to three alternative routes to your destination, complete with distance and expected travel times, to help you choose the best alternative. We’re watching your back, and will send you important regional alerts for issues that could affect your trip, like extreme weather or road closures.

Eyes on the Road

The safest way to drive is with your eyes on the road, not on your cellphone. Road Reporter actively monitors your route as you drive, while the Drive Mode function provides real-time audio alerts of unexpected driving issues, including traffic, collisions, construction, and road conditions.


Be a Road Reporter

It’s nice to share, especially when it comes to sharing traffic issues with other drivers (we all want to get where we’re going safely and on time). But sharing traffic flow information without any user interaction is even better, and safer. Use the one-touch options to report collisions, construction, or poor driving conditions, or provide voice-recorded reports to AMA. Both options let other drivers know if something’s happening on their route.

The Power of Community

Road Reporter gathers data from a bunch of different data sources: Twitter feeds, Alberta 511, other Road Reporters, traffic data, and our helpful media partners (CTV, the Bear, and Virgin Radio). Together the Road Reporter community delivers the most comprehensive traffic information available in Alberta. As the community grows the information will only get better. Join in and download the app today.


Learn More

Here are some tips to help you get the most out of the Road Reporter app: