Online Vehicle Registration


With our vehicle registration renewal options, no matter how or where you chose to renew your vehicle, AMA can help. You can do a one-time renewal online today or set up yearly automatic renewals.

One-Time Online Renewal

This option allows you to do a one-time renewal for this year only.

  • Renew any Class 3 vehicles including cars, light trucks, vans, motorhomes and motorcycles
  • Renew at any AMA Centre

You will be taken to the Government of Alberta site. Come back to AMA to set up your free reminder service for next year's renewal.


Yearly Automatic Renewal

This option allows you to renew today and set up automatic yearly renewals.

  • Renew any Class 3 vehicles including cars, light trucks, vans, motorhomes and motorcycles
  • Skip the line and renew today
  • Automatic yearly renewals with AMA's secure service

Free AMA Online Account required. Once set up, never worry about renewals again. It's automatic every year. 100% secure and only takes 3 minutes.

Free Reminder Service

Reminders are sent at the beginning of your renewal month.

  • 30 day reminder to give you plenty of time to renew
  • Reminders can be sent via email, SMS or phone
  • Renew online or come in-centre
  • 100% safe and secure

Why? The Government of Alberta is no longer sending renewal notices in the mail. This ensures you renew your vehicle on time.

Things You Need Before Renewing Online

  • Have your vehicle registration ready
  • Have your valid insurance policy number
  • Have your Visa or MasterCard ready
At AMA, we take your information very seriously. All vehicle registration renewals are secure online and in-centre.

Need more info? Learn more about vehicle registration.

August 2018 Renewals

Online cutoff date is August 15th
Last names: E, Gr, or R
Why? This gives us time to mail your new registration card and stickers. You can still renew at any AMA centre.


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