Register for Driver Education and Earn Your High School $15

Register for Driver Education and Earn Your High School $15


Safety and Education for Your Teen

There’s nothing more important to you than your teen’s safety and security — it’s the most important thing to us as well. In fact, for over 77 years, we’ve helped ensure that over 880,000 students have developed safe driving skills.

We’re thrilled that your school recognizes this and is allowing us to offer your teen access to our innovative Online New Driver Program that will give them the skills to become a confident, safe, and proactive driver for life. And to say “thanks,” for telling you about our online program, we’ll pay your school $15 to spend however they choose for every student that registers through this page.

Our online course includes these benefits:

  • 15 hours of interactive content including videos, quizzes, diagrams, and safe driving information.
  • Students learn on their own pace and can work on the program during alternative learning days, flex days, spares, or during free time at home.
  • Transcripts, and material that can be replayed as necessary; course progress is saved without having to start over.
  • Up to additional $200 savings on AMA auto insurance, when students successfully complete both the online classroom and in-vehicle training portion of our course (option 2).
  • $80 member-exclusive savings on the cost of registration.
  • A foundation of knowledge that prepares students to successfully complete their in-vehicle lessons.
  • Accessible on any computer or Chromebook.
  • Secure online account provided by AMA. Your information is safe with us.

Sample Video 1: Learn How to Parallel Park

Sample Video 2: Left Hand Turns

Why Choose AMA?

  • Canada’s first online new driver training course.
  • Alberta Transportation approved.
  • Rich history of Driver Education training.
  • Fulfills the classroom requirements of the Class 5 Licence.

What Our Students Say

“I was a little worried that driver ed might be boring online, but the mix of videos, slides, and lots of colour sparked my interest. [But] the 97% I got on the final exam kind of says it all.”
– Cameron Faith, Calgary

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