Refer Your Students to AMA Driver Ed and Earn $15 Per Student

Refer Your Students to AMA Driver Ed and Earn $15 Per Student


Bring Driver Education to Your High School

You want your students to be safe at all times — in and out of the classroom. So do we, especially if they’re behind the wheel. We’re here to help, which is why we’re offering Alberta high schools a Basic New Driver Program that benefits students and their schools. Here’s how.

When you add an online AMA Driver Education to your curriculum your students can learn to be safe and confident drivers for life by taking our highly interactive Online New Driver Program (the first in North America). You’ll earn your school $15 for each student that registers.

Our online course includes these benefits to your students:

  • 15 hours of interactive content including videos, quizzes, diagrams, and safe driving information.
  • 10 hours of in-car training (part of our Online New Driver bundle).
  • Students learn at their own pace and can work on the program during alternative learning days, flex days, or spares.
  • Transcripts and material can be replayed as necessary; course progress is saved without having to start over.
  • A foundation of knowledge that prepares students to successfully complete their in-vehicle lessons.
  • Accessible on any computer or Chromebook.
  • Secure, online account provided by AMA.

Students who successfully complete both the online and 10-hour in-vehicle training can save $100 with AMA auto insurance.

Sample Video 1: Learn How to Parallel Park

Sample Video 2: Left Hand Turns

Contact Us

For more information about partnering with us to bring AMA Driver Education to your school, contact John Arnieri:

Email: John Arnieri

Phone: 780-491-3865

Why Work with AMA?

  • Earn $15 for every student you refer that registers for a course.
  • Ensure teens at your school learn to be safe, proactive drivers for life.
  • Be a part of a new way of learning to drive.
  • Get a special volume/bulk rate from us.

What Our Students Say

“I was a little worried that driver ed might be boring online, but the mix of videos, slides, and lots of colour sparked my interest. [But] the 97% I got on the final exam kind of says it all.”
– Cameron Faith, Calgary

Read what else he had to say about our online driver ed program.