Fine Payments

Fine Payments

So, you got a ticket. Now what?

The bad news is, you got a ticket. The good news is, paying it is a breeze with AMA. Just be sure to check the due date to avoid late fees (a.k.a. procrastination penalty!).

Pay in person

As an AMA member, you can pay a fine in-person at any AMA centre. Simply bring in your ticket, a valid form of identification, and your AMA membership card and we’ll help you take care of business.

What if the ticket is overdue?

When paying an overdue ticket in person at AMA, all you need is a valid form of ID and your membership card. We can process the payment, along with associated late fees, without the actual ticket in these cases.

What happens if no payment is made?

Once a traffic ticket’s due date has passed, Alberta registry agents can’t provide you with vehicle-related services (for example, car registration or driver’s licence renewal) until payment is received. If you pay an overdue ticket online the same day you use registry services in-person, simply bring in your receipt as proof.