Mission Possible @ Work

Mission Possible @ Work

Our Mission Possible @ Work employee safety program helps keep your fleet drivers collision-free on the road, and improves driver attitude and behaviour.

Included in the 4th edition of Mission Possible @ Work:

  • Updated traffic statistics (as of 2012)
  • New changes in traffic laws
  • Latest traffic studies and research
  • Enhancements to the Safety Features section
  • New in-vehicle features such as side airbags and Electronic Stability Programs

Contact us online to order the Mission Possible @ Work program, or call 1-877-474-8717.

Facilitator Training

The Mission Possible @ Work program allows you to use your own employees as facilitators. Naturally, this requires some training.

Training takes approximately 3.5 hours and includes:

  • An overview of traffic safety issues in Alberta
  • An overview of Mission Possible @ Work program content
  • A description and discussion of recommended facilitation processes and techniques
  • An explanation of the program evaluation
  • A demonstration of one program topic session

We offer a regular schedule of facilitator training sessions in both Edmonton and Calgary.

Program Topics

Mission Possible @ Work targets 10 topic areas, and each topic includes an awareness and education session that can be presented in a regular staff or safety meeting.

See our Mission Possible @ Work Topics List

Online Evaluation

Have you made the commitment to encourage traffic safety into your workplace? Using the feedback forms, measure your success and identify improvements that will help you achieve your program goals.

Session Evaluations

Measure the process of the program as it is delivered to help determine what works or doesn’t.
Pre- and Post- Traffic Safety Survey.
Measure the program’s effectiveness to determine the overall impact it has had on your organization.