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Add a credit card to your online account and your AMA membership will always be up to date. And if you’re setting up auto renew for the first time, you’ll get $5 reward dollars.

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Your membership should fit your family’s lifestyle. For example, depending on your daily commute or your kids’ ages, it may be time to upgrade or add a family member to your account. At renewal, make sure your coverage still works for your needs.

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Sign in to your online account to see how many reward dollars you’ve earned at our reward partners. Reward dollars can be spent on almost any of our products and services, including your next AMA membership renewal.

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Over 960,000 Albertans trust AMA for registries services, travel specials, and insurance coverage. Not to mention that we have the most recognizable roadside fleet in the province on call and waiting to help. Find out just how much value is really packed into an AMA membership card.

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Roadside Assistance & Auto Care

Last year our Roadside Assistance fleet responded to over 450,000 rescue calls from AMA members with flat tires, dead batteries, and vehicles stuck on the side of the road. And our new AMA mobile app gives you access to our 24/7 roadside assistance across North America, so you know we’re only a click away, wherever and whenever you may be driving.

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Registries Services & Personal Info

Our Registries services let you keep all of your personal information up to date. Drop by to update your driver’s licence and Alberta Health Care information, or to get a new passport photo. If taking care of things online is your thing, you can even renew your vehicle registration for even more convenience.

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AMA in the Community

You membership fees pay for more than just towing costs. We partner with schools, police services, and nonprofit organizations across Alberta to create programs for aging drivers, school zone safety, and shredding events that make help make Alberta a safer and more environmentally conscious province.

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