AMA Life Advisors

AMA Life Advisors

Life insurance can help provide for your loved ones in the event that you’re not there to take care of them. There are several different types of life insurance products and choosing the right one for you can be complicated. An AMA life advisor can offer you a selection of whole, universal and term life insurance products.

  • Whole life insurance provides lifetime protection for a level premium and offers cash value that can help you achieve long-term financial goals.
  • Universal life insurance combines the protection of life insurance with flexible investment options. This type of insurance can change with your needs and the payments and amount of coverage is adjustable.
  • Term life insurance provides insurance for a specific period of time and can help you meet your short-term needs.

How do I contact an advisor?

AMA life advisors are available to meet with you at your convenience in the comfort of your own home, at your business or at an AMA centre near you. Contact us to arrange for a life advisor to set up a personalized, no-obligation appointment with you to discuss your insurance needs.

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