When Will I Receive My AMA Membership Card?

If you are a new AMA member, you can expect to receive your card(s) in the mail about 10 business days after purchasing your membership. You can also expect to receive a new AMA membership card every three years. By replacing membership cards every three years, instead of every year, we save on cost and help to reduce our carbon footprint. Now if for any reason you need a new card, just contact us anytime and we’ll send you a new one.

What are my membership options?

We offer three levels of membership coverage, so you can choose the one that best meets your driving needs:

  • Basic
  • CAA Plus
  • CAA Plus RV

The base coverage for each level of membership includes five roadside assistance calls per year along, FREE fuel delivery, locksmith service, and more. Additional benefits are included with the Plus and Plus RV memberships. To make sure you get the right level of coverage, consider your driving habits, the types of vehicles you drive, and your travel needs when you compare membership levels

When does my AMA membership become effective?

You become an AMA member as soon as you purchase your membership. This means you can automatically take advantage of all products and services, and have access to all business areas. There is one important thing to be aware of when you become a CAA Plus or CAA Plus RV member – you have access to Basic Roadside Assistance services in the event of a pre-existing breakdown or collision.

Can my spouse receive service while driving my vehicle?

AMA memberships are not transferrable because they cover you the member regardless of the vehicle you are driving, or even when you are a passenger with someone else. But we want your spouse, as well as family members living in your home, to also have peace of mind when they’re driving on our busy roads. That’s why we offer Associate memberships at about half the cost of the Primary membership. Your loved ones can enjoy full access to all products and services, but at a reduced cost.

I am moving away from Alberta, what does my membership cover?

As an AMA member, you are also part of the larger CAA/AAA family. That means if you are moving within Canada or the U.S. you will continue to receive coverage from your new Province or State. Just let us know so we can change your address and notify your new local club in advance of the expiry of your membership. That way you won’t ever be without coverage.