What Vehicle History Searches Can I Order?

Used, already enjoyed, or second hand; no matter what you call it, buying a new-to-you vehicle is a cheaper way to upgrade your ride. But that deal may actually end up costing you more, if what you buy turns out to be a lemon. Do your research ahead of time so you don’t get stuck paying extra in repairs.

Types of Vehicle History Reports


This report searches for vehicle in Alberta, Canada, and the United States.

Order a CARFAX report to find out whether the vehicle has been reported stolen, rebuilt, or salvaged. This report gives you a chronological look at the number of times the vehicle was registered, and will tell you the odometer reading, if it’s been reported.

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This report searches for cars that are, or have been, registered anywhere in Canada.

Order a CarProof VERIFIED report when you want to find out the vehicle’s Canadian registration history, it’s lien search status, insurance records – which includes any reported insurance claims, except from B.C. – as well as the odometer reading, if it’s been provided.

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Alberta Vehicle Information (VIR) Report

This report helps you learn about the history of vehicles previously registered in Alberta only.

Order a VIR search report when you want to find out whether there’s a lien on the vehicle, what the odometer reading is, if it’s been provided, as well as the vehicle’s registration history.

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Lien Search

A lien search (also known as a debtor search) scans Alberta’s Personal Property Registry Information System for liens or encumbrances that have been registered against a vehicle in Alberta only.

We recommend ordering a lien report along with your vehicle history search before buying a used vehicle, or accepting the item as collateral.

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What is a VIN?

Each report will ask you to enter a VIN (Vehicle Identification Number), which is a unique serial number associated to each and every vehicle. Vehicle history searches use the VIN to search through the different databases that store information such as liens, maintenance history, registration data, odometer readings and accident history.

Do a final check: We don’t want you to pay for a blank report, so make sure the VIN you enter is correct. We charge you before processing your CARFAX, Alberta Information Report, or CarProof VERIFIED report, and if the VIN is wrong or the vehicle has never been registered in Alberta or Canada, you’ll still be charged even though you may not get any vehicle information in your report.