What To Bring When Insuring Your Vehicle

If you are planning on insuring your vehicle with AMA Insurance, there are a few things you will need to bring. If you are moving to Alberta from another province, the U.S. or overseas and want to purchase AMA auto insurance, please refer to the information on moving to Alberta.

If available, please bring in your previous auto insurance policy, which should contain most of the necessary information to get auto insurance through AMA.

What to Bring

If you haven’t had previous insurance, or if the policy doesn’t include the following information, please bring:

  • The bill of sale or lease agreement or registration for any vehicle(s) you wish to insure.
    • If your vehicle is 12 years of age or older, you may be required to submit a passing vehicle inspection report form within 14 days of obtaining your insurance.
    • If your vehicle was last registered outside of Alberta you will need to provide an out-of-province inspection in order to register your vehicle. Your AMA insurance agent can offer information on qualified auto inspection shops.
  • Driver’s licence numbers and dates of birth for all drivers of your vehicle(s).
    • If you have taken driver training and are a newly licensed driver, please bring a copy of your driver training certificate.
    • If you have been licensed or insured outside of the province of Alberta, you will be required to obtain a claims experience letter and a driver’s abstract from any out-of-province jurisdiction(s). Please note that there may be a cost associated with obtaining these documents. Your AMA insurance agent can provide you with information on where to obtain your driving abstract.


If you wish to have monthly payments, please bring either a void cheque, or a stamped “electronic funds transfer” authorization form from your bank. You will be required to pay the equivalent of two month’s premium when the policy is written.