What Is Accident Forgiveness Insurance?

Accident forgiveness insurance is an extra level of protection you can add to an existing auto insurance policy. It protects your insurance rates from increasing as a result of your first at-fault or partially-at-fault accident claim.

What that means is:

  • We treat your first claim like it didn’t even happen.
  • All we require, if you make a claim, is that you pay the agreed deductible.
  • Should you file a second at-fault accident claim, we treat it as if it were your first.

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Why Do I Need Accident Forgiveness Insurance?

Even the best drivers have the odd not-so-great day. Extreme road conditions in Alberta can cause an otherwise good driver (that’s you!) to make mistakes that affect others, causing collisions, injury, or property damage.

How Do I Know if I’m Eligible for Accident Forgiveness Insurance?

If you’re an AMA member with a good driving record and no at-fault auto claims in the past eight years, you may be eligible. Just ask one of our insurance specialists if you qualify.