What is a Letter of Authorization for Vehicle Registration?

Sometimes you can’t do it all. A Letter of Authorization allows someone else to take care of a task (like registering your vehicle) on your behalf.

If you want to register a vehicle for the first time, renew your vehicle registration, transfer a vehicle registration, or cancel your vehicle registration, but can’t come in person to one of our AMA centres, use the Authorization for Vehicle Registration form to give someone else the ability to do so for you.

Your Presence is Required

The law in Alberta says that every person who will be listed on a vehicle’s registration, and every person named on a bill of sale, must sign in order to complete a registration change. That means everybody must be present at the registry office for the service, or else they will need to sign an authorization form.

And please don’t doctor up your own version. The authorization has to be on the official form provided by Service Alberta to be acceptable, so download the form, fill it out, and bring it with you to the registry office if you think you’re going to need it.

Find out what you need to bring to register your vehicle.