What Happens to My Reward Dollars if I am no Longer an AMA Member?

If you are the Primary AMA Member and do not renew your AMA Membership, only reward dollars accumulated up to the date of their expiry will be available for redemption.  If your lapsed AMA Membership is reinstated within six months, you can redeem any reward dollars accumulated while you were not an active AMA member.

If you join another Canadian Automobile Association (CAA) club, you may request that your reward dollars be transferred to CAA Dollars and sent to your account with the new CAA club. This may take up to three months.

Redemption or transfer of reward dollars to a new AMA Membership, or to CAA Dollars if you are joining another CAA club, must occur within six months after the current AMA Membership ceases, otherwise those reward dollars are forfeited.

The Very Interesting Fine Print About the AMA Rewards Program