What Does AMA Driver Education Teach In the Classroom?

Our New Driver programs offer the most up-to-date content and curriculum you’ll find anywhere, and we maximize learning through hands-on activities and interactive content.

That means, our programs are very visual, incorporating videos and demonstrations that show proper driving techniques so that our students are well prepared for their in-vehicle lessons.

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Here is a brief summary of the topics covered during the classroom sessions:

  • Introduction to the road – what you need to know before you get going
  • Driving rules and regulations
  • AMA’s proactive approach to driving: Search, Identify, Predict, Decide and Execute (SIPDE)
  • Basic manoeuvres
  • Sharing the road
  • Attitude and risk perception
  • Anatomy of a crash
  • Adverse driving conditions, like weather
  • Driving impairments and distractions
  • Personal safety and security
  • Responsibilities like insurance and registration

Successful completion of the classroom sessions requires:

  • A passing grade of 80% on the classroom exam (if necessary the classroom test may be re-written at any AMA centre during regular business hours)
  • Full attendance of the classroom sessions. (18 hours)

Classroom Scheduling Conflict?

We’re flexible because we get it — life gets busy. If your miss a classroom session, you can make it up. Just Contact Us to reschedule to another date or location at no additional cost.