What Are AMA's Vision & Values?

AMA’s Vision

At AMA, we inspire confidence in the hearts and minds of our members to live their best lives.

AMA’s Values


We are unfailingly honest and trustworthy in our business practices and relationships. We behave in an honest, ethical and straightforward manner. We are direct and truthful. We keep commitments. Our actions are consistent with words. We admit our mistakes. We do not misrepresent self for personal gains.


We are open-minded. We demonstrate confidence in the capabilities of others. We appreciate achievements of others. We treat each individual with dignity and honor. We support the reputation and integrity of the organization.

Open and Honest Communication

We seek and share information and guidance necessary for success. We encourage and consider ideas and viewpoints. We provide constructive regular feedback for improvement and increased contribution. We deal with conflict in a timely and constructive manner.


We conduct ourselves in a fashion that invites deep-rooted feelings of trust, security, savings and peace of mind from members, customers and the community. We strive to deliver superior results. We set and achieve high standards of performance. We seek continuous learning and improvement. We take personal responsibility for the member/customer experience.


We seek and consider new ideas, approaches and best practices. We improve current practices. We anticipate and embrace change, adapting rapidly to meet evolving needs and interests. We overcome obstacles to meet goals.


We think and act beyond own work group. We put our organization needs and goals ahead of individual objectives. We contribute to group decisions and actions. We hold self and others responsible for achieving results. We share appropriate information freely. We celebrate success.


We operate in a business-like manner, balanced by an appreciation that members view us as more than a profit-oriented business. We meet performance expectations and results. We contribute to financial returns to provide resources to meet our members’ current and future needs. We fulfill responsibilities to the communities in which we operate. We contribute to a safe, healthy working environment, and meaningful work that engenders pride and satisfaction. We endorse and encourage personal and professional growth.