How Do I Order a Veteran's or Support Our Troops Licence Plate?

At AMA, we're happy to provide two ways in which members can demonstrate their respect for Canada's armed forces.

Veteran's Licence Plates

Show your military pride with a veteran’s licence plate – it’s a great way to let others know of the time you dedicated in the armed forces.

You can request a veteran’s licence plate in three easy steps:

  1. Submit your Application for a Veteran’s Licence Plate form (pdf) to the Alberta-NWT Command of the Royal Canadian Legion.
  2. Receive your approved application in the mail.
  3. Visit any AMA centre to purchase your veteran’s licence plate and bring the following with you:
    • AMA membership card
    • Approved application form
    • Government-issued photo ID
    • Proof of vehicle ownership
    • Valid insurance (pink slip)

If you have questions about the approval process, contact Alberta-NWT Command at

  • Exchange existing plate for veteran’s licence plate – $22.45
  • Exchange licence plate for veteran’s licence plate and one-year vehicle registration renewal – $84.45
  • Exchange motorcycle plate for veteran’s licence plate and one-year registration renewal – $54.45

Support Our Troops Plates

Ordering a Support Our Troops licence plate is a great way you can give moral and financial support to members of Canada's military. The majority of the revenue from every plate purchase goes to the Support Our Troops Program, a support fund for current and past members of the armed forces and their families.

You don't have to be a veteran to purchase a Support Our Troops plate. After ordering a Support Our Troops plate at an AMA centre, your plate will arrive in the mail within 7 - 10 days.


A Support Our Troops plate costs $75 plus a $9 registration fee.

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