Vehicle Battery FAQs

If you’re looking for general information on batteries (including our industry-leading CAA Premium Batteries), boosting, warranties, and more, you’ve come to the right place.

Our AMA battery technicians have the answers to some frequently asked questions below:

What should I know about CAA Battery Service?

  • Battery prices vary by vehicle and include GST, testing, installation, and environmentally friendly disposal of your old battery
  • Stock is limited to conventional lead-acid batteries used by most vehicles
  • Some vehicles may not be serviced at roadside due to the location of the battery, or if the vehicle requires registration, reset or additional programing after the installation
  • For safety reasons, CAA Battery Service may be limited to boosts during severe weather
  • Battery testing and replacement takes a minimum 45 minutes to complete
  • On occasion demand may exceed our ability to provide same-day service

Where and when is Battery Service available?

AMA’s Roadside Assistance service providers across Alberta will be pleased to test and/or replace your battery. Hours vary, so check the list available here.

Your battery website said ‘no quote available.’ Why?

If your vehicle make, model and year is not shown or you received the message ‘no quote available’, it’s because of one of the following:

  • Battery location – In certain vehicles, the battery is difficult to reach and requires special attention and/or tools. For example, the wheel well, in the fire wall of the vehicle, or in a place that requires removal of accessories to access the battery
  • Type of battery – CAA Battery Service uses lead-acid batteries that are suitable for most makes and models. Some vehicles, however, require a different type (for example, an AGM battery) that we’re currently unable to provide
  • Some vehicles may not be serviced at roadside due to the location of the battery, or if the vehicle requires registration, reset or additional programming after the installation
  • Registration/Reset required – Some vehicles require a special tool to either register or reset the onboard computer at the time the battery is replaced, to ensure the computer and the battery are synced. At present, CAA Battery Service is unable to perform this service. In Edmonton and Calgary, however, we have select AARS partners equipped to do this for AMA members at a special price

The good news is that CAA Battery Service technicians are always happy to test your battery, regardless of make, model or battery-type. We’ll provide the expert diagnostics you need, as well as options best suited for your vehicle.

What do I do if AMA doesn’t carry my battery type or can’t install it at roadside?

If you have a battery, we can’t install at roadside because of its location (under the wheel-well, under the back seat, etc.) or it requires registration or reset we have the following AARS (Approved Auto Repair Service) facilities who offer the following:

  • A flat rate for complex battery installs and registration
  • CAA Premium Batteries at member-exclusive pricing
  • Full 6-year warranty

There is a $60 (+GST) charge for installation for complex battery installs and a $20 (+GST) charge for registration and reset.Give them a call to book an appointment today. There are four Edmonton Locations and three Calgary locations:


Sherlock’s Automotive Repair
#312, 6655 – 178 Street
(780) 481-4776

Valks Auto Centre*
5419 – 125A Avenue
(780) 475-0552

Sandy Lane Auto* (2 locations)
15820 – 111 Avenue
(780) 733-0075

8105 Argyll Road
(780) 469-0075


Cetus Automotive North
3005 23 St NE
(403) 235-2912

Tirecraft/Braeside Automotive
#45 11440 Braeside Dr SW
(403) 251-7300

International Motor Cars
7220 Railway Street SE
(403) 262-2222

*Can do replacement battery registration & reset.

Why does AMA occasionally suspend battery service?

Battery Service is only suspended if demand has exceeded our ability to provide same day service or there are safety concerns, such as the following:

  • A dead battery can freeze in very cold temperatures and trying to boost it could result in an explosion. In addition, components of the vehicle may become brittle in frigid temperatures, so to protect the integrity of the vehicle, a battery replacement is best performed in warmer conditions
  • AMA is committed to member and employee safety and may choose to suspend CAA Battery Service temporarily if there’s a risk to employees or members due to severe weather. Boosts, however, are always available

What do I do if service is suspended?

Rest assured, we won’t leave you out in the cold! AMA will always provide boosts to get you going, or can tow you to a mechanical facility that’s expecting you. Alternatively, if your vehicle is drivable, head to our partners at Lube City to get the same great deal as CAA Battery Service: free testing, member-exclusive battery pricing, and free installation of CAA Premium Batteries. Click here for locations. Be sure to call ahead to ensure they have the battery your vehicle requires.

Are batteries eco-friendly?

Modern lead acid batteries, such as the CAA Premium Battery, are up to 99 per cent recyclable.

How competitive is the warranty on CAA Premium Batteries?

It’s one of the best in North America. If your battery fails within the first three years, you’ll get a free replacement. After three years, you’re protected by our prorated guarantee. That’s how confident we are in their ability to stand up to Alberta weather.

If my battery is dead, can’t I just get a boost from a buddy?

In the past, boosting a vehicle didn’t carry nearly the same risks as with recent-model cars – many of which are veritable computers on wheels. Today, improper boosting could induce an electrical surge throughout the charging system, with expensive consequences for various electrical components in your vehicle. All our Service Vehicle Operators are trained to prevent this kind of damage, so you can rest easy when we show up to help!

How do I know I can trust a battery test? Don’t you want to sell me a new one?

The equipment used by AMA to give your battery a free test is top of the line and delivers results you can trust. But you don’t have to take our word for it. We’ll give you the test strip straight from the unit so you can see your battery’s performance for yourself!

Do I need to do any ongoing maintenance on my battery?

Working with lead acid batteries can be risky, as any leaks could result in corrosive material getting in your eyes or on your skin. That’s why our technicians always wear safety glasses and carry eye-rinse in their pockets when doing a test or installation. But it’s a good idea to occasionally check that all your terminal connections are clean, snug, free of leaks and protected from the elements. If anything looks questionable, give us a call and we’ll come to you!

When should I get my battery checked?

If your vehicle has been continually exposed to extreme temperatures – hot or cold – it will affect the battery life. The same goes for long-term exposure to vibration (say, daily commutes on gravel roads), or if your car has been left inactive – without use of a battery tender – for many months. In general, if your vehicle is more than three years old, it’s a good idea to get the battery tested. Tests are free with your AMA membership.

What do you mean by ‘cold-cranking amps’ and ‘reserve capacity?

A cold cranking rating refers to the number of amperes that a lead-acid battery, at -17.8 Celsius, can deliver for 30 seconds and maintain at least 1.2 volts per cell. In other words, the power of your battery to ensure a start during a cold Alberta winter. Reserve capacity refers to a battery’s ability to sustain a minimum electrical load in the event of a charging system failure. For example, if your alternator or generator fails, you want to have enough juice to operate your ignition and other essentials.

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