Trip Interruption and Vehicle Return Coverage

Premier and Premier RV members enjoy the most exclusive perks and highest levels of protection, particularly on a road trip. Trip Interruption and Vehicle Return coverage is a benefit that can save you lots of money should you run into trouble far from home.

How it works: if you’re travelling by vehicle more than 160 km away from home and you experience a trip disruption, you’re eligible to get reimbursed up to a total of $2,000.

Read below to see all the situations your Premier membership covers you for, along with how to get reimbursed.

Mechanical Breakdown

If your vehicle breaks down and a licensed mechanic says it’s unsafe to drive, you can claim out-of-pocket expenses for accommodations, meals, or car rental to continue the trip. Claim limit: $600 CDN

Vehicle Collision

If you get into a vehicle collision that leaves your car unfit to drive, you can claim out-of-pocket expenses for accommodations, meals, car rental, or transportation back home. (Collisions also include animal strikes and highway debris.) Claim limit: $2,000 CDN

Vehicle Theft

If your vehicle gets stolen, you can claim out-of-pocket expenses for accommodations, meals, or car rental. Claim limit: $2,000 CDN

Vehicle Return

If you experience an unexpected illness or injury that prevents you from completing your trip, you can claim expenses for transportation to bring your vehicle back home. Transportation must be provided by an accredited professional transport company, and the vehicle must be driveable. Vehicle return benefits will not be payable if the vehicle is a rental vehicle or a vehicle with an original lease term of less than one year OR if the transportation of the vehicle could have been performed by a covered person or by a traveling companion of a covered person. Claim limit: $500 CDN

What’s Covered

  • Accommodations: Hotels, motels, or B&Bs
  • Meals: Restaurants near the breakdown, collision, or theft
  • Transportation: Vehicle relocation companies (excluding towing), car rentals, bus, train, flights, ferry
Eligibility Rules

To ensure you’re eligible for reimbursement:

  • Attach all receipts (must be in member’s name)
  • Attach insurance claim info, police report, release from hospital, or repair bill proving your claim
  • All expenses incurred up to 72 hours from the time of the incident or to when the vehicle is fixed, whichever is sooner
  • All claims must be submitted to AMA within 60 days from the date of incident
  • Premier membership coverage must be in place 30 days in advance of incident

What’s Not Covered

  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Fuel or insurance for car rentals
  • Vandalism to a vehicle
  • Any costs associated with repairing the vehicle
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