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Test Your Traffic Sign Knowledge

Knowing and understanding traffic signs is essential to safe driving. Traffic signs give important information about the law; warn drivers about dangerous conditions; and help you find your way. Please answer “True or False” to assess your knowledge of road signs:


1. sign1This sign means: Divided highway ends  T/F


2. sign2 This sign means: Curve ahead, truck rollover warning  T/F

3. sign3 This sign means: Narrow Bridge ahead  T/F

4. sign4 This sign means: Traffic signal ahead  T/F

5. sign5 This sign means: Narrow bridge ahead  T/F

6. sign6 This sign means: Merge to the left  T/F

7. sign7 This sign means: Playground zone  T/F



1. True – Divided highway ends: Traffic travels in both directions on the same road ahead. Keep to the right-hand side.

2. True – Slow down prior to curve.

3. False- Hazard close to the edge of the road. The downward lines show to keep right.

4. True – Traffic lights ahead, be prepared to stop.

5. True – Narrow bridge ahead, use caution.

6. False – Free flow: two roads converge and merging movements are not required.

7. False – School zone sign: zone in effect school days only.


You have now completed the quiz. Give yourself 1 point for every correct answer.

  • 6-7 = Excellent
  • 5 = Good
  • 3-4 = Fair – Brush up on you road sign knowledge
  • 0-2 = Poor – You can learn more about proactive driving by taking the AMA Online Proactive Defensive Driver Improvement course