Shredding FAQs

If you’re looking for information on our shredding events, you’ve come to the right place.

We have the answers to some frequently asked questions below:

When is the next shredding event?

Find a list of our upcoming events here.

Who can attend?

The event is open to all AMA members. Please have your AMA membership card ready.

What’s the cost?

The shredding service is FREE for AMA members. Food bank donations – monetary or non-perishable food items are welcome.  Did you know the food bank can supply three meals from just a $1 donation? Donations can be made at the shredding trucks.

How does it work?

Most shredding events offer a drive-thru service, but please dress for the weather as you likely need to unload your shreddable items and hand them to our truck operator or staff.

How long will it take?

Average time on site is approximately 30-60 minutes, but please know times may vary according to volume of participants.

The line is really long, can I walk-up with my shredding?

For safety and to be fair to those who are in line before you we cannot accommodate walk-up service.

What can I shred?

Members can shred up to six boxes of personal documents and items, including:

  • Credit card slips, cancelled cheques, and bank receipts
  • Banking and investment statements, bills, non-solicited credit card applications
  • CD-ROMs/CD-Rs/DVDs, diskettes

What can’t be shredded:

  • Please no batteries of any kind as these can cause fires in our trucks. Also, no lighters or matches.
  • Heavy cardboard, metal, glass, or plastic
  • Pennies/coins
  • Electronics, computer hard drives, or toys.  Thanks for your help in checking for, and removing these items as they can cause serious damage to the shredding trucks and our friendly operators.

What can I do to prepare?

  • Make sure we can shred it –Small staples and regular paper clips are fine, but please remove large plastic clips or coils.
  • Make sure you can carry it – Bring all documents in sturdy, easily transportable boxes.
  • Make sure you should shred it – Some documents you need to shred regularly, some annually, and some should never be destroyed.

To help you prepare for our events, find out which documents to shred and what you should hold onto for safekeeping. Learn more on what to shred (or what not to shred) here.

 How much can I bring?

Each car may bring up to six boxes (a $60 value) of personal items for shredding. Sorry, our shredding events are for personal document disposal only, not for businesses.

Why do you only do the events once a year?

AMA shredding events take considerable resources both in staffing and budget allocation. We also hold several other AMA signature events throughout the year including parades, Car Care, Fill our Fleet, etc. Due to this, we are only able to offer a set number of shredding events once a year.

Why are the events member-exclusive?

After careful consideration, in 2017 the events became member-exclusive to ensure that we can meet the needs of our members. Should a non-member still wish to attend-don’t worry we’ve got you covered, as we will be selling AMA memberships onsite. Alternatively, both members and non-members can use our secure document disposal service in centre year-round or drop off shredding at Shred-IT locations (fees apply).

AMA can also help you safely dispose of your personal documents. With our Secure Document Disposal service, all you have to do is purchase your envelopes at any AMA centre, drop off the sealed envelopes with your documents enclosed, and we’ll take care of the rest.

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