What is Secure Document Disposal?

Here’s How it Works

All you have to do is buy your envelopes, take them home, fill them up with your unwanted (yet still sensitive and confidential) documents, CDs, and credit cards. Whenever you’re ready, bring your sealed envelopes in, and we’ll safely dispose of them. Of course, there are some things that shouldn’t go into the envelopes:

What Not to Put in the Envelope

  • Hazardous materials
  • Trash
  • Metals (licence plates, ringed binders, etc….)
  • Computer, printer, or photocopier parts

Our vendor, Shred-it uses shredding vehicles to make sure the contents are destroyed and does regular pickups at each AMA centre. You won’t be able to watch the envelope get shredded, but once it’s in our hands, we take full responsibility for it. And since our envelopes are made out of Tyvek (they’re like the super heroes of the envelope world: basically indestructible), you can rest assured that, once they’re in our hands, your documents are safe.

Envelope size is 10” x 15″ and can fit up to 200 legal-sized documents. They are available at all AMA Centres.

  • Member Price
    Single Envelope: $3.50
    Package of 6: $18.95
    Package of 12: $29.95
  • Non-member Price
    Single Envelope: $3.95
    Package of 6: $21.95
    Package of 12: $34.45


Why Protect Your Identity

Identity theft costs Canadians $10 billion annually. And let’s face it, getting your identity stolen sucks. Even if you get all your money back and fix your credit score, it’s still going to cost you time and stress. The Secure Document Disposal service is another way to help combat identity theft. Once we get your sealed envelopes, you won’t have to think about someone piecing together your home shredding job (yes that actually does happen) or letting confidential documents pile up in your house. We’ll make sure you stay safe and worry free.

Ask about our Secure Document Disposal envelopes next time you’re in for a membership renewal or vehicle registration renewal for more info.