Roadside Assistance Convenience Tow Member Benefit

This service includes towing for circumstances beyond immobilized vehicles and breakdowns. The maximum towing distance is determined by your Plus/Plus RV or Premier/Premier RV membership level. Plus and Premier AMA memberships include one convenience tow per membership year and count as one of your five Roadside Assistance calls per membership year.

What is considered a convenience tow?

We consider things like towing for a passenger vehicle disposal, for a seasonal tire change, and towing of an unregister vehicle or towing a vehicle to avoid driving on a compact spare tire to be considered a convenience tow. A second tow for the same vehicle breakdown is also considered a convenience tow. For Premier members, the convenience tow benefit also includes towing a passenger vehicle or motorcycle to or from a seasonal storage location.

When is the convenience towing offered?

Like our regular towing coverage, convenience towing is available to Plus and Premier AMA members 24/7. This starts when your AMA membership is activated. New members that require immediate roadside assistance related to towing will receive Basic coverage at the time of purchase, therefore a convenience tow will not be offered at this time.

Where is it offered?

Convenience towing is available to Plus and Premier AMA members within the province of Alberta.

Will a convenience tow count as one of my five Roadside Assistance calls?

Yes, Plus and Premier members are entitled to one convenience tow per membership year and it does count as one of your five Roadside Assistance calls.

How many convenience tows are included in my membership per year?

One per membership year

How far is my towing distance?

AMA Plus/Plus RV memberships include towing up to 160 km*
AMA Premier/Premier RV memberships include 1 tow up to 320 km and 4 tows* up to 160 km.

How much will I be charged for extra distance or extra convenience tows?

Like a regular Roadside Assistance tow, regular additional towing charges apply per km.

Does the vehicle being towed need to be registered?

No, the vehicle does not need to be registered to have a convenience tow; however, coverage cannot be extended in some situations. These include service to vehicles in areas not designed for public travel, for-hire vehicles, buses, etc.

Can you tow my motorcycle?

Yes, motorcycle tow service is included in all Plus and Premier memberships. For Premier and Premier Plus members, this includes towing to or from storage.

Where can I be towed?

We’ll tow you anywhere within your membership towing distance (beyond that distance, a per-kilometre rate will be charged). Our Approved Auto Repair Service facilities are a great option, as the repair work is backed by a one-year, 20,000 km warranty on most parts and services.

Can you tow from a storage location?

AMA Premier members are permitted one convenience tow per year that includes towing of passenger vehicles or motorcycles to or from a storage location. The maximum tow distance for a Roadside Assistance call for Premier members is 320 km (once) and 160 km (for your other 4 tows) per membership year.

Can you tow my RV, motorhome or trailer?

Convenience tows do not cover towing of RVs, motorhomes or trailers.

General Terms & Conditions

*Towing to the closest repair facility or anywhere within the designated distance (160 km for Plus & Plus RV). Additional towing charges may apply per km.