How Do I Order a Personalized Licence Plate?

Have a nickname or business name you’d like to share? Or do you simply like the idea of challenging people at red lights with figuring out your message? Customize your licence plate with a unique message, made just for you.

When ordering your personalized (vanity) plate, we recommend having two or three alternate choices, in case your first choice isn’t available. Just bring your ideas to any AMA centre to order your vanity plate, and make sure you bring:

We will ask you to pay for your personalized plate when your order it, and a one-time fee covers the cost of the licence plate only.

When your plate arrives (please allow six to eight weeks), visit any AMA centre to hand over your current licence plate and get your licence plate stickers and replacement registration.

Find an AMA Centre | Call 1-866-989-6370 for Pricing