How Do I Order a Land Title Search?

We look for land titles by searching the legal land description or land title number. You can find this number on your taxation assessment, mortgage, or previous land title — or you can get it from your local taxation office.

If you don’t know what the legal land description is, we can search to find it from your street address. We charge for this service, and it can be done for most urban areas, except condominiums and apartments.

You can order the land title search by:

  • Coming in person to any AMA centre
  • Faxing a completed land title search request toll-free to 1-855-333-6378 (within Canada or the U.S.)
  • Calling us toll-free at 1-866-989-6370

When you come in, remember to bring:

  • Your AMA membership card
  • The legal land description/land title number

Types of Land Title Searches Available

    • Current Certificate of Title
      Shows all current title information: current owner(s) of a piece of land, and all outstanding registered interests in the land, such as mortgages, caveats, and builders liens. The rights may be for surface, minerals, or both.
    • Registered Land Titles Document
      Order copies of documents that appear on the title (caveats, easements, mortgages, liens, etc.).
    • Current Historical Title
      Shows all current title information, as well as discharged historical instruments.
    • Cancelled Historical Title (has been cancelled and replaced)
    • We can do these searches while you wait. If you want to order an historical title search, for titles that are earlier than Alberta Land Title computerized records, we will special order it and sent to you. Additional search fees apply depending on the number of titles searched.
It’s a fact: A piece of land can have more than one title. It’s also a fact that we charge a search fee per title for which you received results. However, if you know which titles you are interested in, you can request a search for only the title you choose.