How To Request a Corporate Search

Before doing business with a company, you may want to learn a little bit more about them. A corporate search or certificate of status can provide you with the information you need.

When to Request a Corporate Search

Request a corporate search to:

  • Find information about Alberta or extra-provincially registered corporations, partnerships or trade names.
  • Determine whom and where to send legal documents.
  • Ensure that a company can legally conduct business.
  • Obtain names and addresses of the directors and shareholders of a corporation.

If you want to determine the availability of a corporate name, NUANS Search Request.

When to Request a Certificate of Status

Request a certificate of status to:

  • Verify the company is in good standing.
  • Certify a corporation’s status, legal company name, or incorporation date.
  • Register the corporation out of province.
  • Set up banking.

What you Need to Request a Search

Also bring along one of the following:

  • The legal company name or Alberta Number (for a numbered corporation).
  • Corporate Access Number (appears on previous corporate document).

Finding the Right Information

You can request both current and historical searches from any AMA centre. Results may include:

  • How long the organization has been in operation
  • Registered address
  • Records address
  • Director and/or shareholder names
  • Declarants names (for trade name searches only)
  • Attorney(s)
  • Corporate status
  • Incorporated date
  • Name change(s)
  • Amalgamations

When changing a corporate record with us by fax or email, in addition to sending us your completed form, include a photocopy of your personal identification and required credit card authorization.

Please note:

  • Our Corporate Registry services are a member-only service, so make sure you’re in good standing (that means no overdue membership fees) with the AMA, CAA, or AAA.
  • A certified registry agent may provide assistance only — the role of the agent does not include providing legal advice. We recommend that you consult a lawyer licensed to practice law in Alberta on all matters having to do with the regulations of documents in the corporate registry.