How To Change Your Business Structure

The sections below explain the process for changing your business structure to a partnership or incorporation.

Change From a Trade Name into a Partnership

As your business grows and starts to thrive, you may wish to have someone join your company as an owner. This would change you from a trade name into a partnership.

To make this change, you would first dissolve the trade name and then register the partnership.

To do this service,, complete the following forms:

Change From a Trade Name or Partnership into an Incorporation

Many business owners who find their business thriving choose to incorporate their business. For a list of things to consider when incorporating, visit the How to Complete the Articles of Incorporation Form page

To make this kind of change, you should dissolve the trade name before registering the Corporation by completing the following forms:

Let Us Help You With the Paperwork

Our professional certified registry agents will work with you and your schedule.

Choose how you’d like to complete your transaction:

When changing a corporate record with us by fax or email, in addition to sending us your completed form, include a photocopy of your personal identification and required credit card authorization.

Please note: 

  • Our Corporate Registry services are a member-only service, so make sure you’re in good standing (that means no overdue membership fees) with the AMA, CAA, or AAA.
  • A certified registry agent may provide assistance only — the role of the agent does not include providing legal advice. We recommend that you consult a lawyer licensed to practice law in Alberta on all matters having to do with the regulations of documents in the corporate registry.