How Does Roadside Assistance Work?

Roadside Assistance Rules and Regulations

Roadside assistance service is available to you, our member, when the vehicle you’re driving, or riding in as a passenger, stops working due to mechanical failure.

We want to help as many people as possible, so we have a few rules in place that we ask you to follow. Don’t worry, they aren’t that painful – honestly:

  • We limit Roadside Assistance service to our members.  If you’re a non-member trying to present a member’s card, we’ll have to say no. But, we want you to be looked after too, so we’d be happy to help you become a member.
  • We want to take care of you, not somebody trying to be you. Show our service providers your valid membership card along with your driver’s licence when they arrive. If they can’t confirm you’re a member, they’ll charge you at the going commercial rates.
  • As a member or associate member, you get up to 5 Roadside Assistance calls per membership year. If you need more than that, we’ll kindly ask you to pay for the service.
  • Kids Go Free members will share the 5 roadside assistance calls per membership year with the Primary Member. Additional friendly conditions do apply.
  • We’ll accept your personal cheque for roadside assistance costs in an emergency – up to $350 per occurrence.
  • If you think you may need more coverage, consider upgrading before you run into trouble. CAA Plus and CAA Plus RV can’t be purchased for immediate use or to cover pre-existing conditions.

As a member, we’ve got your back in most situations. We just can’t cover every situation you might find yourself in. Some examples are:

  • Second or additional trips on any one call, including re-tows from residence to a repair facility.
  • Service to vehicles driven into areas not specifically designed for public travel – private commercial roads, forestry trunk roads, vacant lots, creek beds, frozen lakes, etc.
  • For your protection, service cannot be provided to an unattended vehicle.
  • Service to vehicles without a valid registration and licence plate.
  • Extra kilometer charges.
  • Towing under police direction or due to an infraction of the law.
  • Cost of fuel, parts or supplies (we do deliver fuel to all levels of membership though! CAA Plus and CAA Plus RV members get it for free).
  • Cost of tire or mechanical repairs.
  • Cost of battery charge or thawing of frozen vehicles.
  • Storage and impound fees.
  • Taxi, ferry or toll charges.
  • Vehicle rental expenses.

You may not know that:

  1. Members are entitled to free towing, up to the distance limit indicated for your membership, in any direction from the point of disablement OR to the nearest responding Roadside Assistance contractor’s base OR to a facility en route. Members will pay for mileage beyond the outlined limits at commercial rates.
  2. Members, or their designated representatives, who cannot accompany the disabled vehicle or meet the tow truck operator at the destination must book a repair facility and pay applicable mileage charges in advance. This is also required if the tow is needed within the Edmonton or Calgary boundaries.
  3. AMA is not able to tow a vehicle from one facility to another until one agrees to make the repairs.
  4. AMA Roadside Assistance Service Providers are independent businesses and not employees of the CAA or its affiliates. Responsibility for loss, damage, or unsatisfactory workmanship remains with the AMA RSA Service Provider supplying the service.

Vehicles We Can Provide Service To

Basic Membership
  • Four wheeled motor driven vehicles of the passenger, pleasure, or recreational type regardless of licence plate designation, and conventional pedal bikes, if those services can be safely delivered.
  • Campers/motor homes will be provided all services except towing, extrication/recovery and tire service. Dual-wheel unloaded pickup trucks are provided all services except tire service.
  • For trailer coverage, see CAA Plus RV

Plus Membership

  • The same vehicles as covered under the Basic Membership.
  • Full coverage is extended to Motorcycles.

Plus RV Membership

  • There is no weight restriction on eligible passenger, pleasure or recreational vehicles for towing, winching and tire changes.
  • Full coverage is extended to all types of non-commercial trailers.

Vehicles We Can’t Provide Service To

Unfortunately, we are unable to provide service to these types of vehicles:

  • For-hire vehicles (taxis, limousines)
  • Buses
  • Ambulances
  • Or as deemed by CAA/AAA