How Do I Register for the Alberta Impaired Drivers Program (AIDP)?

The Alberta Impaired Drivers Program (AIDP) helps keep Alberta’s roads safer by offering education and support to individuals charged with impaired driving. AIDP is delivered on behalf of the Government of Alberta in accordance with Alberta’s impaired driving penalties, with three courses designed to prevent impaired driving (details below).

You can only register for Crossroads, Planning Ahead or IMPACT by telephone and payment is accepted by Visa, Visa Debit, MasterCard, and MasterCard Debit only. If you don’t have a credit card you can purchase a pre-paid Visa or MasterCard at a bank or post office. See listing of all 2018 AIDP course dates and locations.

Toll-Free in Alberta: 1-800-272-5698 | Edmonton and Area: 780-430-8811


Course Cost: $150 (Register by phone, Visa, Visa Debit, MasterCard, and MasterCard Debit only)

Crossroads is a 3 1/2 hour course designed to prevent impaired driving, and is offered to those with two Immediate Roadside Sanctions (suspensions) under Alberta’s administrative penalties for non-criminal impaired driving (0.05 – 0.08 BAC).

Crossroads participants will learn to:

  • Identify how alcohol impairs driving skills even at lower BACs
  • Consider the potential risks and consequences of drinking and driving
  • Recognize personal high-risk situations for drinking and driving
  • Develop an action plan to avoid drinking and driving

Planning Ahead

Course Cost: $315 (Register by phone, payment by Visa, Visa Debit, MasterCard, and MasterCard Debit only)

Planning Ahead is a one-day course for first-time impaired drivers, with the goal of preventing impaired driving. The program is held in 12 towns and cities across Alberta, and is delivered to more than 4,000 participants annually.

Planning Ahead participants will learn:

  • How to separate drinking and other drug use from driving by making an action plan
  • To understand the importance of zero tolerance for impaired driving
  • How impairment by alcohol and drugs affects driving abilities
  • How lifestyles centered around alcohol and other drugs leads to higher risk for impaired driving and other life problems


Course Cost: $925 (Register by phone, payment by Visa, Visa Debit, MasterCard, and MasterCard Debit only)

IMPACT is a weekend live-in alcohol and/or drug use assessment and pre-treatment course for repeat impaired drivers with two or more convictions in a 10-year period. The goals of IMPACT are to prevent impaired driving and reduce other alcohol and/or drug related problems in its participants. IMPACT is held in Calgary, Edmonton, and St. Albert, and is delivered to more than 1,000 participants annually.

IMPACT participants will learn to:

  • Look at how alcohol and/or drug use has affected their lives.
  • Measure the problems their alcohol and/or drug use may have caused.
  • Create an action plan to deal with these problems.
  • Receive an Assessment Summary Report with recommendations for follow-up.

If you require proof of program completion or an IMPACT assessment summary report, please call our office or return the Release of Confidential Information form.

As of July, 2012, individuals convicted of impaired driving under the Criminal Code of Canada must participate in the Ignition Interlock Program, which is operated by the Impaired Driving Administration of Traffic Safety Services, Alberta Transportation.