How Do I Order a Marriage Certificate?

Your perfect day was…well, it was perfect! And you’re back from your honeymoon ready to enjoy your new journey together. You can start by ordering your marriage certificate and getting your personal documents in order.

Below we walk you through the three steps to ordering your marriage certificate.

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Step One: Decide which size of marriage certificate you want to order, because Alberta has two:

1. Wallet size: 9.5 cm x 6.4 cm

Included on the wallet size certificate:

  • Name of both parties to the marriage
  • Dates and places – when and where – the marriage took place
  • Registration number and date
  • Date issued

2. Framing Size: 21.5 cm x 17.9 cm

Included on the framing size certificate:

  • The same information as the wallet size, plus
  • The birthplace of both parties to the marriage

Step Two: Check your eligibility to apply (pdf).

Step Three: Come in to order your marriage certificate, or mail us your completed Vital Statistics Request form (pdf). To view this Government of Alberta form in Chrome and Safari, save the PDF (right mouse click and Save Link As) and then open it in Acrobat.

If you choose to come in remember to bring:

Call 1-866-989-6370 
for product pricing at your local AMA centre, or email your questions to AMA Registries.