How Do I Get Reimbursed for Roadside Assistance?

We’ve Got Your Back

Whether it’s the weather, the timing, the location or some rare combination of circumstances, sometimes you might choose to call someone other than AMA for roadside assistance. The good news is, since you’re practically family, we’ve got your back—and we’ll get you back with reimbursements that cover some or all the cost of the eligible service call you’ve made to another tow company.

So, what qualifies for reimbursement? Basically, if it’s covered under your normal AMA membership, you can get reimbursed for it. Services such as towing, winching, boosts, tire changes, vehicle unlocks, vehicle locksmith work—if for some reason you’ve chosen to call another service provider, we’ll reimburse you if your claim fits the bill.

To qualify, your membership must be current, the name that appears on your membership card must match the name on the service receipt, and your reimbursement claim needs to be submitted within 30 days of the service you are submitting a claim for. Note that reimbursement amounts may vary depending on a variety of factors.

You can check out the full policy and reimbursement exclusions (basically, the same things your membership doesn’t cover) here: Reimbursement Policy and Exclusions

To start your reimbursement process, just fill out the webform below.

or print and mail the following form to the address indicated on the form itself:
Reimbursement printable form


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