How Do I Get a Disabled Parking Placard?

If you are unable to walk more than 50 metres, you may be eligible for a parking placard. A disabled parking placard enables those with the most need to park in specially marked parking areas.

Come in to apply for a disabled parking placard. When you do, make sure you bring:

If you are unable to apply in person, you can send someone with a Letter of Authorization form* (pdf) to apply for, or renew, on your behalf.

*To view these Government of Alberta forms in Chrome and Safari, save the PDF and open it in Acrobat.

If you have never held an Alberta driver’s licence or been entered into the Alberta Registries System, the person applying on your behalf will also need two items of your personal identification (birth certificate, passport, citizenship card), and one item that shows your proof of residency, such as a utility bill or land title document.

If you are a disabled traveller visiting Alberta, you can use a valid parking placard from your home city or country. Or, you can apply for a temporary Alberta placard. Contact AMA Registries for more information.

  • Disabled parking placard applications – $9.45 (GST included)
  • Disabled parking placard renewal – $9.45 (GST included)
  • Replacement disabled parking placard (lost, stolen, or destroyed) per occurrence – $9.45 (GST included)

For more information on using your disability placard when travelling within Canada or overseas, review the FIA Guide for the Disabled Traveller.

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