How Can AMA Help Me with My Fleet and Drivers?

From vehicle registration renewals to training for your drivers, we have the services you need to keep your fleet on the road and your drivers skills up-to-date.

Fleet Vehicle Registration Renewals

Do you have a fleet of 10 or more vehicles? You can now renew your fleet vehicle registrations at any AMA centre. We have flexible payment options, and can issue invoices and statements directly to your business.

Contact our Director, Business Development, Registry Services to learn more about this new service and to discuss signing on.

Fleet Safety Courses

When your employees’ office is behind the wheel of a vehicle, you want them to be as safe as if they were working in the office with you. Encouraging safe driving habits will not only help keep your drivers safe but can help lower insurance premiums, too.
Classroom Courses | Online Courses | Mission Possible @ Work

Driver Knowledge Testing

We now sell and administer all classes of Knowledge Testing (aka, the written test) from Class 1 to Class 7, along with testing for Air Brake endorsements. This means once your drivers have studied for their Knowledge Tests, they can come into any AMA centre to write the exam.

Note: To allow enough time to complete any last minute tests and to issue any licenses required to students who pass, we start wrapping up our knowledge testing for the day 45-minutes before the centre closes.

Fleet Safety Vehicle Walk Around

Sometimes the smallest things can have the biggest impact. Encourage your drivers to conduct a pre-trip vehicle walk around to ensure the vehicle they’re about to spend the day in doesn’t pose a threat to them or to others on the road.

If you need a qualified mechanic to assist with the maintenance and repairs of your fleet vehicles, AMA’s approved auto repair shops are a good place to start to find one in your area.