Options for Servicing Hard-to Install Vehicle Batteries

Got a dead battery? An AMA service vehicle operator would love to check and replace your vehicle battery for you. However, some cars and trucks have what we call “hard-to-install” batteries. These are batteries that we can’t replace through roadside assistance. Though we can perform mobile battery testing on most vehicle batteries.

To find out if you have a hard-to-install battery, visit get a battery quote and select your vehicle details in the online tool.


Why Some Batteries Are Hard to Install

Battery Location

In certain vehicles, the battery is difficult to reach and requires special attention and/or tools. For example, some vehicle batteries are in the wheel well, in the firewall, or in a place that requires parts removal. Our roadside service operators are skilled, but these tasks require special tools and equipment that need to be handled by a qualified mechanic at an Approved Auto Repair Services (AARS) facility.

Vehicle Programming

For some vehicles, a new battery needs initial registration. A qualified mechanic must use a specialized scanner to program the vehicle computer with specific charging instructions for it to function correctly and maintain the expected lifespan.

Also, battery replacement sometimes requires various electronic components like windows, sunroofs and radios to be reset afterwards. Battery replacements can even set off the malfunction indicator lamp or check engine light. A qualified mechanic is often required to perform these specialized reset procedures.

Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM) Batteries

Some vehicles require an AGM battery. Keep in mind that AMA doesn’t stock AGM batteries.


What to Do if You Have a Hard-to-Install Battery

If your vehicle has a hard-to-install battery, you still have options. AMA can tow your vehicle to an Approved Auto Repair Services (AARS) partner facility in Edmonton, Calgary or Lethbridge that can provide hard-to-install battery services (with the same great CAA Premium Batteries and warranty), or to an automotive shop of your choice.

There is a $60 (+GST) charge for hard-to-install battery replacements and a $20 (+GST) charge for registration and/or reset.

Call your selected location beforehand to book an appointment and ensure your vehicle’s battery can be serviced.

Hard-to-Install Battery Service Centres
Edmonton Calgary
Sherlock’s Automotive Repair
#312, 6655 – 178 Street
Cetus Automotive North
3005 23 Street NE
Valks Auto Centre*
5419 – 125A Avenue
Tirecraft/Braeside Automotive*
#45 11440 Braeside Drive SW
Sandy Lane Auto* (2 locations)
15820 – 111 Avenue
Argyll Road
International Motor Cars*
7220 Railway Street SE
Tolley Tire and Auto
1203 2 Avenue S.

*Can do replacement battery registration and reset.