Explanation Scenarios - Enhanced Water Endorsement

Insurance coverage for water damage can sometimes be a little confusing. After all, you’re covered for a basement flood in some cases, but not in others depending on where the water comes from? And what about “Acts of God” not being covered? Isn’t that a thing? (In fact, it isn’t!). Coverages have also been changing in recent years, and you may be covered for things now that you weren’t when you first opened your policy. Take the quiz below to read example claim situations and see if you understand what is covered.

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Enhanced Water Endorsement Quiz

Read the following insurance claim scenarios, and see if you know which ones are covered under the Enhanced Water Endorsement.

In a summer thunder storm there are severe winds. They blow a shingle off your roof, and rain water leaks in, damaging your ceiling and drywall. Do you think this is covered?

This is a pretty common one, and it’s a case that has always been covered and will continue to be covered as usual.

During storm season, the nearby river floods. Streets are covered with water and the sewer system is overwhelmed. Everything floods and sewage is washed back up the system into your home. Covered?

This is called a sewer back-up, and yup, it’s covered.

After four days of heavy rain, water begins to leak into your basement through a crack in the foundation. Would you be covered?

We do not cover seepage through the foundation. However, if water gets into your basement through your windows or doors, we do cover it under the Enhanced Water Endorsement. Make sure to maintain your foundation and check out these helpful water tips.

You’re away for the weekend and your teenage daughter leaves the bathtub running after she gets distracted by The Bachelor. An hour later, the rose is given away and she realizes she’s destroyed the bathroom. Water is also leaking down to the floor below. She’s like, OMG, so totally sorry. But are you covered?

You sure are! This type of accident has always been covered under your regular home policy. AMA is teenage-daughter-proof, most of the time.

During a super heavy rain storm, your window wells start to fill and leak into your basement. Are you covered or not?

Yes, this is covered under the Enhanced Water Endorsement. This sort of situation hasn’t always been covered by insurance, so if you were surprised by this answer, that’s likely why.

A massive tidal wave drowns all of B.C. and washes over the Rocky Mountains, sweeping both sharks and grizzly bears into downtown Calgary. Your home is destroyed and the remains are washed out to sea. Will AMA cover this?

This would NOT be covered, because we don’t cover saltwater flooding. It would be a huge a state of emergency if BC got washed away, and this matter would fall to the government to handle. That sharks vs. grizzlies battle royale taking place on Stephen Avenue is also outside of our purview.

During a rain storm, your sump pump is overwhelmed and gives out, causing flooding. Covered or not?

Covered! This is one that’s always been covered.

Note: The information provided on this website is provided to you for informational purposes only. Please speak to an AMA insurance advisor or refer to your policy wording for full terms and conditions.