Enhanced Water Endorsement Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Enhanced Water Endorsement available to everyone?

  • It will be available to the vast majority of our customers. However, a small handful of our customers don’t currently qualify for sewer back-up coverage, and those customers will not be eligible for the Enhanced Water Endorsement until they have sewer back-up coverage

Is this coverage only available for houses?

  • The coverage applies to houses and mobile homes. Those with Condo or Tenant insurance will continue to have sewer back-up coverage, but not the Enhanced Water Endorsement. Secondary and seasonal properties may or may not be covered, depending on your policy type; check with your insurance advisor for details.

How can I tell whether I’m eligible for coverage?

  • Almost everyone is. Your insurance advisor can tell you whether you’re eligible for coverage, but you probably are.

I’m not up for renewal for several months. Can I add this coverage now?

  • If you’re eligible, coverage will automatically be added June 1st, 2016. You don’t need to do anything – it will simply be added to your existing home policy for you.

This product refers to “overland water.” What’s the difference between that and a flood?

  • “Overland water” is fresh water from rivers and lakes, or water suddenly accumulating from torrential rainfall or spring thaw (this is covered).
  • “Flood” refers to coastal flooding from salt water, such as from tsunamis and tidal waves (this is not covered). But if a tsunami hits Alberta, we’ll all have bigger issues.

Apart from salt water flooding, is there anything else that isn’t covered?

  • Intentional breaches of man-made structures such as dams, dikes, and levees are not covered.
  • Repairs to foundations, footings, slabs are also not covered.
  • Driveways, sidewalks and landscaping are not covered.
  • Any seepage or water leaking into a home through the foundation is not covered.

Has your Sewer Back-up Endorsement wording changed?

  • Nope, the sewer back-up endorsement wording has not changed. The coverage for sewer back-up is now just part of the new Enhanced Water Endorsement, but the wording is the same and you’re covered for the same things.

I don’t live near a river, and I don’t want to pay for coverage I don’t need. Isn’t sewer back-up coverage enough?

  • Many flood events occur in Canada that are unrelated to river overflows. This protection goes beyond damage from river flooding to cover damage from the sudden accumulation of water from events such as heavy rains or spring run-off.
  • Urban flooding (a.k.a. pluvial flooding) was not covered before, but is now. This is when an extremely heavy rainfall saturates the urban drainage system and the excess water cannot be absorbed. This can happen whether or not you live near a river.

Does a deductible apply to overland water coverage?

  • Not really, as you’ll just continue to pay your normal home insurance deductible. Contact your agent if you wish to make changes to your deductible amount.
The information provided on this website is provided to you for informational purposes only. Please speak to an AMA insurance advisor or refer to your policy wording for full terms and conditions.