How Do I Change My Address on My Driver's Licence?

If your address changes, by law you have to update your driver’s licence within 14 days. Save yourself from a potential fine and come in to any of our centres to make the change in person. When you do, make sure you bring:

  • Your AMA membership card
  • Your driver’s licence

Your Interim Driver’s Licence

The registry agent will destroy your old licence and give you a temporary interim licence to use until your new driver’s licence arrives in the mail — that can take up to 21 days (three weeks). Your interim licence won’t have a photograph, so in the meantime we recommend you carry some other form of photo ID until your new licence arrives.

Fee: $22.45

  • If you renew your licence at the same time, you pay the renewal fee only.
  • If you have vehicles registered in your name, we will reprint these with the new address at the same time, for a small fee of $6 (including GST) per vehicle (up to a maximum of $18).
  • If you have not physically moved but your address has been changed by Canada Post (new postal code), bring the letter they sent you about this change to get the service free of charge.

Alberta’s Organ and Tissue Donation Registry

When you come in to change the address on your driver’s licence, you’ll be able to register your intent and give consent to become an organ or tissue donor, as part of Alberta’s Organ and Tissue donation Registry. The consent is done at the same time as your address update at no cost, and by choosing to be a donor you can save up to eight lives.

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