Car Locksmith & Door Unlock Service at AMA

All AMA memberships include five Roadside Assistance calls per membership year. This includes unlock/locksmithing service if you’re locked out of your vehicle, have locked your keys in the vehicle, or your keys are lost or damaged.

Should your vehicle model require a professional locksmith, AMA will reimburse some of the costs, depending on your membership level.

Locksmith Coverage & Reimbursement

AMA Basic membership: AMA will open the door to your locked vehicle or, if a professional locksmith is required, reimburse you to a maximum of $50 for that service. If necessary, a tow will be provided.

AMA Plus/Plus RV memberships: If key-cutting or lock repair is required, your membership covers up to $100 for parts and labour. This includes any lock or key on the vehicle: gas cap key, steering wheel club key, storage compartment door, etc.

Additional Information

On the rare occasion AMA mobile door-unlocking service is unavailable, we’ll tow you to a dealership or locksmith nearby. Towing distance depends on your membership level.