How Can I Find Road Conditions Across Canada and the United States?

Whether you’re driving to work, across Canada, or heading south for the winter, you’ll want to know the road and weather conditions you’ll be facing. The links below will help you plan your next road trip so you can spend your time relaxing, not rescheduling.

Road Conditions Across Canada

British Columbia or call 1-800-550-4997
Alberta or call 511
Saskatchewan or 1-888-335-7623
Manitoba or call 511
Ontario or call 511
Quebec or call 511; 1-800-355-0511
New Brunswick or call 511
Nova Scotia or call 511
Newfoundland & Labrador
Northwest Territories or call 1-800-661-0750
Yukon or call 511

Road Conditions Across the United States

Montana or call 511; 1-800-226-7623
Idaho or call 511; 1-888-432-7623
Washington or call 511; 1-800-695-7623
Oregon or call 511; 1-800-977-6368
Wyoming or call 511; 1-888-996-7623
North Dakota or call 511; 1-866-696-3511
South Dakota or call 511; 1-866-697-3511
Other States

While travelling in most provinces and states you can call 511 to hear voice recorded reports.