Buying, Registering, and Insuring a Vehicle in Alberta

Before you can drive your car, truck, motorcycle, or any other vehicle legally in Alberta, you’ll need a few things. Follow these steps to get a driver’s licence, buy a vehicle, get it inspected, insured, and registered.

If you have any questions about the services we offer, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

Getting an Alberta Driver’s Licence

You’ll need to exchange your current (out-of-province) driver’s licence for an Alberta licence within 90 days of moving to Alberta. Follow these steps to find out how.

If you’re a new driver without a current driver’s licence or are unfamiliar with Alberta’s traffic laws, we offer a number of New Driver Training Programs to help you get on your way.

Buying a Vehicle

There are many member and non-member services to help you find a new or used vehicle. Find and compare prices on websites like:

  • VMR Canada
    VMR Canada is a free service that helps you research wholesale and retail prices for used cars and trucks.
  • Gold Book
    Gold Book is a member-exclusive resource that helps you find the suggested retail price, wholesale price, and current retail values for cars and trucks. Sign-in to your AMA account is required.
  • Unhaggle
    Unhaggle offers free price reports if you’d like to negotiate your own car deal with a seller. Or, for a fee, Unhaggle will negotiate the deal for you.

Vehicle Inspection Centres

Before you buy a vehicle, have it inspected at a Vehicle Inspection Centre. Vehicle Inspection Centres across Alberta will show you the condition of the vehicle and point out any potential problems before you purchase it.

The Government of Alberta may issue an exemption from an inspection. Find out which vehicles can be exempt.

Registration & Insurance

After you buy your car (and before you drive it home), you’ll need two more things:

  1. Personal Auto Insurance
    This protects you (and anyone else involved) in case of a collision, theft, or vandalism of your vehicle. In Alberta, vehicle insurance is privatized, so you can purchase it through private companies.At AMA, for instance, we offer Personal Auto Insurance and a number of other insurance policies for all types of vehicles.
  2. Vehicle Registration
    This shows that your vehicle is registered with the Alberta Government, and is legal to drive. Drop by any AMA centre to register your vehicle.Read this list to make sure you’ve got the right documents and identification, and if you’re registering a vehicle you’ve brought in from outside of Alberta, you will need an Out-of-Province Vehicle Inspection before you can register it.

Vehicle Maintenance & Safety in Alberta

Now that you’ve purchased your new vehicle, let us help you make sure that it’s running properly and safely. Find out more about vehicle maintenance and safety in Alberta.