Block Heaters 101

The majority of vehicles sold in Alberta have a block heater pre-installed because they’re necessary in our climate. Most vehicle engines and batteries can handle cold temperatures until the thermometer hits -15°C. At that point, a block heater helps to make sure your car starts.

  • You should know where to find your block heater plug. We recommend doing this early in the season so you aren’t trying to do it in the dark on a really cold night.
  • If the temperature is going to hit below -15°C, plug in your car.
  • Your block heater only needs to be plugged in about 4 hours before starting your car, so use a timer if you’d like to save power.

Want to learn more? Our AMA Insider magazine sat down with one of our auto experts to find out what’s happening on the other end of that little black cord that lets your car start on the coldest Alberta days.