Roadside Assistance for You and Your Bike

In Alberta’s rugged conditions, bike trouble is almost inevitable for cyclists as spandex and sock-tan lines. That’s why AMA offers Bike Assist which is roadside assistance for two wheels. When your bike lets you down, you can use any of your AMA membership’s five service calls to have us come to the rescue.

Bike Assist is included in all levels of membership.

What Can AMA Bike Assist Do for You?

  • Deliver air for flat tires
  • Put a chain back one that’s come off
  • Tighten loose parts (handlebars, pedals, etc.) or make minor adjustments
  • Transport (within the limit of your membership) you and your bike home or to a repair facility if your bike has broken or non-working parts

Service Stipulations

  • Bike Assist is an Alberta-wide service available everywhere that AMA provides roadside assistance.
  • We like adventures as much as the next person, but our trucks aren’t big thrill-seekers. If you’ve gone off-roading for mountain or trail biking, or are too far out of the way (in a Provincial park, on a bike trail, or on private or non-passable roads), we won’t be able to reach you to provide service. We can only pick up you (and your bike) from the nearest reachable point.
  • If you’re a member, this service is available to you — even if you ride your bike professionally as a courier or for other commercial reasons.

Service Coverage Details

  • Bike Assist is a member-only service that can’t be transferred to non-members. However, if you’re a Plus or Premier member whose child is registered for Kids Go Free, that child is eligible for this service.
  • Bike Assist calls are given the same priority as Roadside Assistance calls for vehicles.
  • Our service providers are pretty amazing, but they aren’t certified bike technicians. They can pump up a tire or tighten loose bolts, but if you need more help, they’ll transport you and your bike to a professional repair facility.
  • If your bike is damaged because of a collision, Bike Assist can get your bike home or to a repair facility. And if you have a bike trailer, we’ll do our best to transport that, too.
  • We don’t discriminate against bikes. If you ride a recumbent bicycle, a tricycle, or a modified bike (this means it can have an electric motor), we’ll transport it to your home or repair facility.
  • We’ll take care of your bike — once we know it belongs to you. We won’t unlock or break a bike lock, as it’s nearly impossible to verify ownership. We also can’t transport your bike if you’re not there to secure it once we drop it off.
  • If you have a Plus membership (or higher), we can service your motorcycles, electric scooters, and mopeds as well.