AMA School Safety Patrol Teacher Resources

What starts at the crosswalk, extends into the community. Developing leadership skills in our AMA School Safety patrollers helps keep all our children safe in school zones.

These resources can help teachers, patrollers, and parents step up their game to model safe school zone behaviours and pass on those lessons to younger children.

For more info, email Carrie Herrick-Fitzgerald or call (780) 430-5744.

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Commonly Asked Questions About AMA School Safety Patrol

I’d like to start the AMA School Safety Patrol program at my school. How do I get started?
For information, email Carrie Herrick-Fitzgerald or call (780) 430-5744.

How much does it cost?
We offer the AMA School Safety Patrol program as part of our commitment to make communities safer. Equipment, coaching, and training materials are provided at no cost to the school.

How many patrollers should be on my team?
A manageable team size is 25 – 30 per crosswalk to help keep patrollers motivated and ensure each student gets more chances to patrol. Per shift, three patrollers at each crosswalk is recommended (NEVER less than two patrollers).

What if it is really cold?
Excerpted from the Supervisor Manual: “3.6 Cold weather guidelines and off-duty times: Sending out patrollers in cold weather is ultimately at your school’s discretion. We recommend following your school board’s cold weather policy for indoor recess. Schools should notify parents/guardians in advance of cold weather policies or any other circumstances (e.g. field trips) that would affect the patrol schedule.”

What should I do about school zone safety issues such as jaywalking and congestion in front of the school?
Schools are all about education, right? So let’s educate ourselves and others about what it takes to create safer school zones. Download our school zone safety tips to add to newsletters, websites or make posters for parents. Talk to a police officer, an AMA School Safety Patrol coordinator or teacher at your school to rally together and create some awareness. When we take responsibility for change, it’s amazing what can happen.

Should I limit the number of patrollers on the team?
Yes, this is a leadership program and sometimes it’s helpful to limit the number of patrollers on the School Patrol team.