Do You Need a Safe Ride Home?

Safe Ride Home

Safe Ride Home can help you get back to home base if you’re unable to drive yourself due to sickness, injury, or another physical impairment. It’s not meant to replace traditional taxi service, but if you can’t drive yourself home safely, we’ll be there.

Here are a few important details to know about the service:

  • Safe Ride Home service counts as a regular service call, and is for members in good standing – make sure you’re membership is up-to-date when you contact us.
  • We have space on the passenger side of the tow truck cab for the AMA member only. But, we will assist other people accompanying our member, if any, in finding other means of safe transportation to their destination (at their cost).
  • There is no extra charge for the service, as long as your requested tow is within the maximum towing distance allowed with your level of membership.
  • If you need a longer tow, we’ll ask you to pay for the extra distance on a per-kilometer basis, just like you would for a regular service tow.
  • During severe weather or extreme operating conditions — those times when mother nature unleashes on our province — we may suspend the Safe Ride Home service.
  • We don’t play favourites. Safe Ride Home calls are treated in the same way as vehicle failure calls, and we assign priority based on the nature of the call or situation.
  • We all want to get home safely. Service or space in the tow truck may be refused due to intoxication, abuse, or concern for our service provider’s safety.
  • We have to be able to tow it. Safe Ride Home is not available for recreational vehicles or vehicles too large to tow with a standard tow truck.
  • If our service provider is unable to tow your vehicle, we will reimburse for the tow service — but not for taxi fare.
  • Safe Ride Home is offered throughout Alberta.