What is AMA Air Service?

AMA members can always fill their tires with air for free at the locations listed below. This free air service is exclusively for AMA members’ cars, trucks, motorcycles, or RVs.

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Air service is Available at These AMA Centres

  • Edmonton South
    10310 G.A. MacDonald (39A) Avenue NW
  • Kingsway
    11220 109 Street NW
  • Calgary Crowfoot
    220 Crowfoot Crescent NW
  • Calgary Main
    4700 17 Avenue SW

Three Steps to Free Air

Using our air service is simple:

  1. Use the keypad to punch in the first three digits of your membership card number, followed by ‘0’. This will activate the air machine.
  2. Check your tire pressure. Your owner’s manual can tell you the proper tire pressure for your vehicle.
  3. Apply the air hose to the tire valve, read the pressure on the gauge, and squeeze the lever for air. Release the lever when you want to check the tire’s pressure — over or under-inflated tires can be dangerous.

Please hang up the hose when you’re done.

Tire Pressure

10 Psi = 69 kPa
20 Psi = 138 kPa
30 Psi = 207 kPa
40 Psi = 276 kPa
50 Psi = 345 kPa
60 Psi = 414 kPa
70 Psi = 483 kPa
80 Psi = 552 kPa