Personal Umbrella Liability Insurance

Don’t stop at “just enough” insurance coverage. Personal Umbrella Liability Insurance gives you higher liability limits and provides additional coverage not found in home or auto insurance policies.


Personal Umbrella Insurance is useful for:

  1. Supplementing Your Primary Insurance: Umbrella Insurance provides liability coverage above the limits provided by your home or auto insurance. If your liability doesn’t fully pay for the damages you’re found responsible for, personal umbrella insurance will come into play to cover the excess.
  2. Filling Gaps in Your Insurance: Your home and auto insurance policy don’t cover everything ― disputes that involve defamation of character, libel, slander, invasion of rights, and false arrest require an extra level of protection. That’s where Umbrella comes in.

Keep in mind that you may need a minimum amount of homeowners or auto insurance coverage before you can get an Umbrella policy. Your AMA Insurance advisor can help you decide if Umbrella Insurance is right for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions about Umbrella Insurance? Then you’re in the right place! If you don’t find your answer below, make sure to contact an advisor.

Q: Is a personal umbrella policy right for me?

A: Although everyone can benefit from the extra peace of mind an umbrella insurance provides, there are some people who can find this coverage particularly useful:

  • Frequent travellers to the U.S., as the lawsuit rate is much higher there
  • High net-worth individuals who are most at-risk of legal action
  • People who own trampolines, pools, boats, or pets
  • Volunteers for organizations that pose a personal risk (amateur sports, clubs, etc.)
  • Watercraft, ATV, motorcycle or snowmobile owners
Q: What kinds of scenarios might a personal umbrella policy help cover?


  • If you are under insured on your auto policy, and you are found responsible for damages in excess of your car insurance’s limits, an Umbrella Insurance policy will help you cover the shortfall.
  • If you own a pet that injures someone at your house, if someone falls off your trampoline and injures themselves at your home, or something else like this, someone may sue you. Your home insurance would likely cover you to a certain amount, but if you are found responsible for damages in excess of your home insurance’s limits, an Umbrella Insurance policy will help you cover the shortfall.
  • If you accidentally slander someone or face other legal action as a result of something you did, an Umbrella Policy may help you pay legal fees or the settlement if you’re found guilty of something like defamation.
Q: What does Umbrella Insurance not cover?
Umbrella Insurance will not cover intentional or criminal acts.
It does not cover damage to your personal property.
It will not cover contract disputes.
It is for personal use, so will not cover anything your business is involved in.
Q: What kind of coverage is available?

A: It depends on the company you have your policy with, but policies usually start at about $1 million of liability coverage, and go up to around $5 million. At AMA, we offer limits up to $5 million.

Q: Can renters benefit from an umbrella policy?

A: Regardless of whether you rent or own your home, you may face a liability claim that Umbrella Insurance may help provide protection against. That being said, some insurers offer Umbrella Policies for renters, but not all do. At AMA, Umbrella Insurance is available with a renters policy as long as you also have an auto policy at AMA.


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