Classic Car Insurance

We’re revved up to bring you a specialized insurance product for your classic car. Whether it’s a ’67 Camaro or Ford Model A, your vintage vehicle deserves some security – and you, some peace of mind.

  • In order to qualify for coverage, your classic can’t be your daily go-to vehicle – we’re talking 8,000 kilometres or fewer a year for a vehicle 25 years or older.
  • Classic Car premiums are lower than standard auto coverage, so you’ll have more money in your pocket for pampering your vintage baby!
  • Our classic car experts will determine the value of your vehicle with no appraisals needed.
  • We’ll also ensure that in the unfortunate event of a total loss, you get back your car’s insured value without depreciation.

Classic cars parked along street

Vehicles covered include:

  • Antique and classic cars
  • Classic trucks and utility vehicles
  • Modified vehicles like hot rods and replicas
  • Classic military vehicles
  • Retired commercial vehicles
  • Vehicles under restoration
  • Modern collectibles: 1980-2000

Qualification depends on the vehicles usage, storage and your driving record.

Call us at 1-800-615-5897 or visit us at a centre for more information and to get a Classic Car Insurance quote.