Auto Insurance

AMA car insurance coverage protects your car in case of a collision, fire, vandalism, or theft, and protects you in case you’re responsible for damages to another person, their vehicle, or their property.


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Coverage Options:

Auto insurance is pretty versatile. There are a lot of different options available when it comes to selecting what is right for you and your family’s lifestyle and we’re here to explain what your auto insurance needs to include and what optional coverage you can add.

Mandatory Coverage

There are two types of coverage that the Government of Alberta says all vehicles must have:

Third Party Liability

Third Party Liability provides coverage if you are legally responsible for a collision that causes injury or death to another person or damages their property.

Coverage amounts: $200,000, $300,000, $500,000, $1 million, or $2 million

Though $200,000 is the minimum amount required under Alberta laws, AMA Insurance recommends a minimum of $1 million in third-party liability because of the increasing cost of claims.

Accident Benefits

These are benefits that you, certain family members and passengers are entitled to receive if injured or killed in a collision. They include income replacement, payment for medical treatment and rehabilitation costs, payment for funeral expenses and payment for grief counselling for family members.

Coverage amounts: Limits vary depending on the situation and the benefits you and your family would like to use. Your insurance advisor can provide more details.

Optional Physical Damage Coverage

Physical damage coverage is important because it protects you financially in the event that your vehicle is damaged. There are two coverage options:


Collision coverage reimburses you for damages caused by a rollover or a collision with another vehicle or object.

Deductible: $250, $500 or $1,000


Comprehensive coverage reimburses you for damage to your vehicle caused by any other hazards with the exception of a collision or rollover. Examples include fire, theft, vandalism or collision with an animal.

Deductible: $100, $250, $500, or $1000

Additional Coverage


Insures all glass on the vehicle if you have removed glass coverage from your main auto insurance policy. This coverage is separate from your main auto insurance policy, so glass claims will not affect your auto insurance premium.

Deductible: $25 for chip repairs. $50 for windshield replacement.


Endorsements are additions, removals or limits to your coverage. They’re officially called Standard Endorsement Forms, or SEFs. Adding an SEF to your policy can help you customize it to meet your needs.

Comprehensive cover – limited glass (SEF 13D)

Excludes coverage for windshield glass, allowing for a reduction in premium.

Loss of use (SEF 20)

Provides for a rental vehicle or the use of taxicabs and public transportation to a specified dollar amount in the event your vehicle is damaged and being repaired due to a loss covered by the insurance policy.

Legal liability for damage to non-owned automobile (SEF 27)

Extends the physical damage coverage and deductible that you have on your personal vehicle to a rental vehicle. This endorsement provides physical damage coverage only, whether the cause was a collision, rollover or other hazards like fire, theft, vandalism, or collision with an animal.

Accident rating waiver (SEF 39)

This endorsement acts as an accident forgiveness. It protects you from a rate increase as a result of your first at-fault or partially at-fault accident claim. Policyholders must meet the criteria to qualify for this coverage.

Limited waiver of depreciation (SEF 43R)

Limits depreciation and provides full replacement cost on your brand new vehicle, aside from tire and battery costs, if the vehicle becomes a total loss because of an accident within 30 months of the vehicle purchase.

Family protection (SEF 44)

Protects you and family members in your vehicle if you are involved in a collision with an uninsured or underinsured driver. Even though you may have the right to collect money from an at-fault driver to reimburse you for your claim, if that driver doesn’t carry enough insurance or has no insurance at all, your claim my not be fully paid. SEF 44 pays the difference between your claim amount and the third-party liability limit of the at-fault driver’s policy, up to your own third-party liability limit. Though SEF 44 is optional, AMA Insurance considers it so important that it is offered on all vehicles when a quote is given, a new policy is written or vehicles are added to a policy.

Other Endorsements

These are only a few of the endorsements that are available for auto insurance policyholders. If you have a special need or request, ask your insurance agent how your policy may be customized to meet your needs.

See more endorsements here. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, contact one of our advisors.